Monday, February 23, 2015

Pilates Extreme?

SO this spring 2015, I'm only teaching one class. It was supposed to be called "Pilates" but because our whole fitness program decided to change its image to "Group X," the name of my class is now Pilates Extreme. Cray, right?
Anyway, I think that name kind of fits my class seeing that my class is far from traditional Pilates. Last week, my boss compiled anonymous evaluations from my students. She does this every semester and looks like I shared the comments from last year in an earlier blog post!
Here's the feedback for this year.

Class & Instructor: Krystle – Pilates Extreme
What did you enjoy most about this class?
  • ·         Burn session
  • ·         The format - one set per song and how Krystle changes which part of the body we work each week. The songs are great too.
  • ·         The burn and intensity, abs/core work, and compound exercises.
  • ·         The class makes me sore. It’s a good workout and Krystle is motivating.
  • ·         The class makes me sore, but does not overwork me.
  • ·         Krystle is super funny and motivating. The burn session is great and she mixes up working different body parts.
  • ·         The burn sessions, and Krystle is really fun and enjoyable.
  • ·         Krystle really pushes me.
  • ·         Krystle’s energy and the level of difficulty.
  • ·         The variety and Krystle is fun.
  • ·         Fun atmosphere and the moves.
  • ·         The energy and good muscle work. Krystle is great!
  • ·         Fun, upbeat, and a good workout.
  • ·         Krystle is fun and it was a complete workout.

What could the instructor have done differently to make this class more worthwhile?
  • ·         Add a little more cardio time before the cool down
  • ·         More strength exercises.
  • ·         Tell us how long or how many reps we’re doing an exercise for.
  • ·         Tell us how long we plank for and how many reps of an exercise.
  • ·         A more energetic playlist – the slow songs don’t pump me up.
  • ·         Less talking, hard to talk and workout.
  • ·         More stretching. 

Gosh, I talk too much and suck at stretching.

Come check out my class on Wednesday nights from 7 to 7:45 and give me some suggestions! 
Please and Thank YOU :)

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