Thursday, February 27, 2014


On a more successful note, this past Monday, my boss attended my pilates class and required that I get feedback from my participants. I had a class of about 22 participants. I've taught 5 classes so far and the number of people who attended have ranged from 10 (once when the weather was really bad) to 30. It's fun to teach and the responses below make me more confident. Below are the responses that my boss compiled for me, the good and the bad.

Class & Instructor: Krystle – Pilates
What did you enjoy most about this class?
·         Krystle is very engaged in the group and each week is different
·         Very fun
·         Krystle’s peppy personality
·         The music and the laid-back feel
·         Burn sessions – Krystle makes it difficult, but fun
·         The good music                            
·         By far the best workout class I’ve taken at the University – all because of the instructor
·         The music and exercises are fun and entertaining
·         Krystle was super fun. She pushes you without seeming intimidating
·         Good attitudes – enjoyable
·         I love Krystle’s workouts because they actually burn. Her personality is very “real” too, which I like
·         Krystle really pushes me and challenges me to do more than I normally would
·         I enjoy how funny Krystle is  
What could the instructor have done differently to make this class more worthwhile?
·         Less calf workouts
·         More ab workouts
·         Break it up – not do all obliques in a row or all triceps. Mix it up throughout the class
·         No push ups
·         Less arms
·         Power practice
·         More stretching at the beginning and end
·         Less burn sessions 

It's difficult to cater to each individual, but i'll do my best to improve. There's always room for improvement!

Saturday, February 22, 2014


This spring I go to a nursing home every week to volunteer. Today was my 3rd or 4th time there and I'm really enjoying it. It's really interesting to see all sorts of residents and their capabilities. Because they're quite a bit older than me, I always wonder what their past was like. I think my interactions with them really test my patience and understanding. If you show respect to them, they will respect you. Old people are so cute!! Especially when you get to help them with bingo!! When they're playing for candy bars, oh man, it's no joke.

Have a great start to your week!!

How do you feel about the elderly?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tea Day

Hi there! Happy Tuesday! We're one day away from hump day!

It's supperrrr dupeerrr warm here today! All the snow is melting so it's super wet, but we hit 50 degrees! It feels like summer! Unfortunately, they're predicting BLIZZARDS on Thursday & Friday. WHAT IS THIS DSM?? CAN YOU MAKE UP YOUR MIND ABOUT THE WEATHER??

Similar to DSM, I was just so out of it today. On Tuesdays, I pretty much have class from 10 AM to 4 PM and today, we had a test in one of my middle classes. Guess what happened? I forgot my calculator. During the 10 minute in between classes break, I ran through puddles to my apartment, even took a potty break, got my calculator and ran back... with 4 minutes to spare and a greeting from my professor telling me to calm down. Lady, I just ran back to get my calculator for your test. P.S. I used the calculator for like 2 questions on the test.... worth it? Maybe. If I got them right :)

To end the day on a better note, I recently got my Teavana order so I decided to brew a large pitcher of tea!! I usually just brew a cup at a time, so this is new. First trial tea: Spiced Apple Cider Rooibos.
The pitcher is HUGEEEE.
It even came with a nifty tea brewing guide.

It's smelling delicious right now. I hope it tastes as good as it smells... and as it cost!

Have you ever brewed such a large pitcher of tea? What's your favorite?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Funday

It's Sunday, the start of a new week. We're already halfway through the month.
Time goes by crazy fast! It's still super wet and cold in DSM.

Coffee shops are kind of awesome. The vibe really takes me into the study zone... for about 2 hours. Today, I decided to try something different and go to Panera for some study & catch up time with Diane. We spent about 4 hours there until we were totes done with studying. Phew!

At mass, father talked about how God gives us the opportunity to make our own choices and how minor decisions now can take a hard hit at us in the future. Think your actions through. That's something to think about!

I  made the decision to paint my nails to start my week!
The color? Essie's SUNDAY FUNDAY!

I also needed to come up with a pilates routine for my class tomorrow! This is starting to get difficult!
I need to get some jokes ready to lighten the mood and break the silence!
Any suggestions?


Written on (2/1/14)

Today, I sat through a presentation with a speaker who spoke a lot about integrity and chasing things that really matter. It made me realize that I'm like everybody else; I chase things that don't matter. My priorities aren't straight and it's going to take time for me to change that mindset. You see, I say I'm a good person with strong morals and values, but what can I do to prove that to myself? I think it has a lot to do with good character. (Character - what you do when no one is looking.) It really is something to keep in the back of your mind.

Prof C, the speaker, made it clear that our generation is the future and we can't fall into what society sees we will fall into. This is a nice video that says a lot.

THERE ARE NO QUICK FIXES. We have to EARN our achievements so no one can ever take them away from us or hold them against us.