Thursday, February 27, 2014


On a more successful note, this past Monday, my boss attended my pilates class and required that I get feedback from my participants. I had a class of about 22 participants. I've taught 5 classes so far and the number of people who attended have ranged from 10 (once when the weather was really bad) to 30. It's fun to teach and the responses below make me more confident. Below are the responses that my boss compiled for me, the good and the bad.

Class & Instructor: Krystle – Pilates
What did you enjoy most about this class?
·         Krystle is very engaged in the group and each week is different
·         Very fun
·         Krystle’s peppy personality
·         The music and the laid-back feel
·         Burn sessions – Krystle makes it difficult, but fun
·         The good music                            
·         By far the best workout class I’ve taken at the University – all because of the instructor
·         The music and exercises are fun and entertaining
·         Krystle was super fun. She pushes you without seeming intimidating
·         Good attitudes – enjoyable
·         I love Krystle’s workouts because they actually burn. Her personality is very “real” too, which I like
·         Krystle really pushes me and challenges me to do more than I normally would
·         I enjoy how funny Krystle is  
What could the instructor have done differently to make this class more worthwhile?
·         Less calf workouts
·         More ab workouts
·         Break it up – not do all obliques in a row or all triceps. Mix it up throughout the class
·         No push ups
·         Less arms
·         Power practice
·         More stretching at the beginning and end
·         Less burn sessions 

It's difficult to cater to each individual, but i'll do my best to improve. There's always room for improvement!

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