Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Funday

It's Sunday, the start of a new week. We're already halfway through the month.
Time goes by crazy fast! It's still super wet and cold in DSM.

Coffee shops are kind of awesome. The vibe really takes me into the study zone... for about 2 hours. Today, I decided to try something different and go to Panera for some study & catch up time with Diane. We spent about 4 hours there until we were totes done with studying. Phew!

At mass, father talked about how God gives us the opportunity to make our own choices and how minor decisions now can take a hard hit at us in the future. Think your actions through. That's something to think about!

I  made the decision to paint my nails to start my week!
The color? Essie's SUNDAY FUNDAY!

I also needed to come up with a pilates routine for my class tomorrow! This is starting to get difficult!
I need to get some jokes ready to lighten the mood and break the silence!
Any suggestions?

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